In Mykonos they sell … sunset

The ongoing scandals on the Island of the Winds, which are covered in every detail by the media and have already become “the talk of the town”, leave extremely negative impressions on the public, as well as all those who risked “their wallet” and came here at the height of the season.

Literally some time after the incident that made a splash in Mykonos, when two tourists were asked to pay 600 euros for a portion of crab legs and two cocktails, a resident of the island complains that they decided to “take a fee” from his foreign friends … for a sunset. That is, not for a cocktail with such an unpretentious name, but for a real sunset, a natural phenomenon that is free of charge for everyone to review.

According to the Greek, two couples of tourists wanted to sit in Little Venice (μικρή Βενετία) to enjoy the spectacle. However, the waiter informed them that in order for them to be able to sit at a table, they need to pay 500 euros (the minimum order amount).

The foreigner notes that the tourists are wealthy, but by no means “suckers”: “My friends from San Francisco came to Mykonos. They are decent, wealthy people. Yesterday they wanted to go out for a drink and watch the sunset. They were sitting in one of the bars, just before sunset The waiter came up to them and said that the minimum consumption is 500 euros (for a table for 4 people) The patrons were outraged by this, got up and left Today I asked a knowledgeable person and he told me that not all stores have minimal alcohol consumption… Looks like Mykonos has once again outdone itself negatively!”.

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