KKE: the pandemic has revealed the collapse of medicine, in which everything is bought and sold

On June 15, in a park next to Evangelismos, the largest hospital in the country, the presentation of the publication “COVID-19 Pandemic: Capitalism in its West”, prepared by the KKE Health and Welfare Department, took place. The event was attended by workers in the healthcare and social security system, other areas, youth, students, as well […]

Thousands anti-war rally of the Communist Party of Greece on Syntagma

The Greek Communist Party brought several thousand of its supporters to the central square of Athens Syntagma for an anti-war rally. Party leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas addressed the audience. Participants of the anti-war rally chanted slogans: “No to the imperialist war.” They also demanded that Greece stop interfering in hostilities by supplying weapons to Ukraine. “The […]

Protest action of the KKE and KMG organizations at the gates of the military unit, where American armored vehicles arrived

Saturday 12 March KPG and KMG held a protest at the gate military unit near Xanthi in northern Greece, where American armored vehicles arrived to conduct joint exercises with the Greek army. The demonstrators who gathered there held banners and chanted slogans, condemning the involvement of Greece in the imperialist war in Ukraine and demanding […]

KKE: New agreement on military bases is a dangerous link in the country’s involvement in US military plans

The Greek Communist Party issued an appeal in which the “Greek-American defense agreement” is called offensive and conducive to “drawing our country into the military plans of the United States and NATO in the wider region.” In his statement on the modification of the “Greek-American defense agreement” and on the statements of the Minister of […]