Theodora Duru, 29-year-old female Greek fighter pilot "Mirage"

It seems that this is the most combative female pilot, a fighter captain who participated in air upheavals with Turkish military aircraft. Theodora Duru also makes night flights to monitor the national airspace, constantly demonstrating success in her chosen, not at all “female” profession.

The temperature in the Aegean is rising every day due to Ankara’s aggressive rhetoric. MEGA reporters ended up at the Mirage 2000-5 base in Tanagra to meet with the Amazon.

29-year-old Theodora is currently the most trained female pilot of the Greek military forces, as she has already taken part in air battles with the Turkish Air Force several times, recording several “target hits”. Her motivation to become a fighter pilot was her love of flying, watching planes fly over her village of Malezina in Fthiotis.

“My love for airplanes started when I was a child, when I saw them flying over the village. As a child, I really admired this profession, and when I found out about the Icarus school, I decided that I wanted to become an Air Force pilot,” she told MEGA.

Colleagues characterize her as “a very calm person.” The possession of “military armor” won respect and recognition of her abilities. Danger does not frighten her, as Theodora is accustomed to often meet with her at work.

“Risk is part of our profession, we are forced to face a variety of situations every day,” she said.
A young woman regularly flies night and night on National Air Surveillance, protecting all of us while we work or play, and confirms, despite the stereotypes that still exist in society, that there is no discrimination between men and women in the Air Force. Theodora Duru, dressed in G ammunition, puts on a mask, lowers her visor and takes off from Tanagra, proudly carrying “wings” on her shoulders.

The Amazon had the support of her family from the first moment. Every time Theodora goes on an interception mission, her mom prays for her.

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