The authorities confiscated the entire inheritance of the famous journalist Georgios Tragas

The Hellenic Anti-Money Laundering Authority has confiscated the entire legacy of Georgios Tragas, a well-known Greek journalist, small media owner, publisher, TV and radio producer, who died in December 2021 from Covid complications.

In a 60-page report, the agency concluded that the source of the assets it owned may be the product of illegal activity, according to Greek media Friday afternoon.

Tragas’ assets in bank deposits are estimated at millions of euros, expressed in double digits, and to them, as reportedadds up to 12 high-end properties in Greece and abroad – in Monaco, France, the USA and other countries.

According to the report, based on a three-month investigation, the way is open for criminal prosecution. The case was referred to the prosecutor’s office to investigate the possibility of committing criminal offenses – of course, not against the journalist, since death makes him “criminally unjustified.”

An investigation into the condition of Georgios Tragas began 3 months before his death, after an anonymous complaint, as well as a notification by the bank to the authorities.

Referring to the money laundering report, the news website ieidiseis notes that the seizure order was issued because most of the property and assets allegedly did not match the total declared income from 2000 onwards, and money transactions of suspicious companies took place.

“Practically after the arrest of the entire inheritance of Georgios Tragas, allegedly a product of criminal activity, the heirs will not be able to accept the inheritance, as they will face the law on money laundering under the article of the “serious crime” level, the newspapers noted on their websites. tobim and ethnos.

The investigation began in September 2021 in connection with an anonymous letter describing specific financial transactions and a bank notification of a specific transaction.

The investigation reportedly slowed down after the death of Giorgos Tragkas, but reactivated when the media reported on gold bars, bank deposits and real estate worth many millions of euros in Greece, Europe and the United States.

Much of this information became known when 15-page handwritten will was published by TV channels and lifestyle magazines last March. Along with his children and last wife, he bequeathed cash to several charities, including the Church of Greece, animal welfare societies, children’s organizations, etc.

According to information news247.grThe Money Laundering Authority has sent inquiries to relevant authorities in the UK, France, US, Virgin Islands and other countries requesting information on the transactions, assets and property of the late journalist and publisher Georgios Tragas, which in 2021 created a small right-wing political party “Free people”.

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