The authorities confiscated the entire inheritance of the famous journalist Georgios Tragas

The Hellenic Anti-Money Laundering Authority has confiscated the entire legacy of Georgios Tragas, a well-known Greek journalist, small media owner, publisher, TV and radio producer, who died in December 2021 from Covid complications. In a 60-page report, the agency concluded that the source of the assets it owned may be the product of illegal activity, […]

The killer of 19-year-old Alkis is at the prosecutor’s office, he denies everything

The arrival of the public prosecutor arrested on suspicion of the murder of Alkis Campanos, a 23-year-old Albanian, was accompanied by angry shouts. He arrived at the courthouse of Thessaloniki in the area of ​​Harilaou with his head down and wearing a bulletproof vest. He was prosecuted by the Sub-Directorate for Crimes Against Life of […]

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the cases of anti-Axis: families with six children, monks on Mount Athos

The prosecutor’s office in northern Greece opened criminal cases against the family of anti-axers, as well as against the Athonite monks from the Esfigmen monastery, who oppose vaccination. Authorities stepped in after a father of six told media that he would not allow his children to go to school due to mandatory Covid tests and […]

Throw "Molotov cocktail" becomes a criminal offense

Ahead of November 17, the traditional Polytechnio Day, the Greek government is imposing harsher penalties for throwing incendiary bombs, especially during protest rallies, making it a criminal offense. The corresponding provision was introduced, as an amendment, to the bill on the new edition of the Criminal Code. The amendment, presented jointly by the Ministries of […]

Prosecutor General of Greece opened a case on deliberate arson

The intervention of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Vasilis Pliotas, was triggered by massive fires throughout Greece, and the prosecutor’s office immediately opened an investigation, as, as already noted, there are suspicions of deliberate organized arson. The order reads as follows: “The excessive number of fires of unusual intensity and magnitude that have occurred […]

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