"Korean" Ukraine? The expert of the American edition considers this a possible option

The Washington Post writes that Ukraine may well expect the “Korean scenario”, that is, the division into two parts.

David Ignatius, expert publications on foreign relations, admits that Joe Biden can act according to the “Korean scenario”, repeating the option with Korea. Then the United States recognized the existence of two Koreas – North and South – as acceptable.

According to the expert, the White House is preparing, albeit for a protracted, but limited only to Ukrainian territory, conflict. Its outcome, thanks to the unprecedented supply of Western weapons, should be negotiations with a stronger position of Ukraine.

But the situation at the front is far from the euphoria of the first weeks, the expert believes, when the Russian Federation suffered a defeat near the Ukrainian capital. Now Russia is advancing in the Donbass, and Europe is sounding the alarm about the costs of a protracted conflict. For the American president, this is a “tipping point.”

The expert cites Korea as an example. The United States was unable to achieve the desired military goals there and in 1953 agreed to a ceasefire. At the time, many considered it a defeat. But Ignatius points out that “today South Korea is one of the world’s economic gems.” He admits that such an option could become promising for Ukraine as well.

According to the expert, now there is an “implicit bargaining” with the Russian Federation, and at some point “we will move on to direct negotiations to resolve this terrible conflict.”

Ukrainian edition “Politics of the Country” commented on the expert’s opinion in the Telegram channel briefly:

“In general, there is more and more talk in the West about a compromise with Russia on the basis of territorial concessions. And they are already being conducted on the pages of the most authoritative media.”

Ukraine believes that attempts to divide it like Korea are doomed to failure explained:

“After World War II, the Korean Peninsula was a territory that had just been liberated from the Japanese colonizers. Therefore, the absence of their own government and army in Korea made it possible for the USSR and the United States to divide the country into two different parts and impose their own policies on the locals. Ukraine is a sovereign independent state with by a legitimately elected government headed by a president and an army that is successfully fighting the Russian occupiers.”

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