Ukraine is offered "vestibule" on the way to the EU – intermediate membership

Proposal to grant Ukraine “intermediate” membership in EU made June 5 Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. He wants to create a special “preparatory space” where Ukraine could reach EU standards.

According to Reuters, the Austrian chancellor implies an intermediate stage between cooperation and full EU membership for Ukraine and Moldova, so that these countries reach European standards similar to the European Free Trade Agreement and the European Economic Area. He notes:

“We are united by one goal, we all want a strong, independent and economically successful Ukraine. Now it is fighting for its political and territorial survival. All our efforts, first of all, are aimed at stopping the Russian war of aggression. At this stage, a quick accession to the EU is not no way can it be an urgent problem.”

Nehammer says the current debate about Ukraine’s EU membership needs to be tempered – quick accession is simply unrealistic:

“We must create a European preparatory space that will allow step by step to strengthen cooperation with the EU and better adapt to European standards.”

The leaders of the countries of the European Union intend to consider Ukraine’s application for membership in June.

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