The armed robbery at the garage door… did not take place.

No sooner had the man closed the garage door than unknown people stopped him and, threatening him with a crowbar and a pistol, demanded money.

A 40-year-old man experienced moments of fear on the night of Thursday (May 26), falling into the hands of two ruthless criminals in Panorama (Thessaloniki).

According to what he told the police, it all started around 10:00 pm when he returned home. Before he had time to close the gates of the garage, unknown people stopped him, threatening to use force and, pointing a gun, demanded money, writes

The man screamed and the criminals fled. The video, published by Radio Thessaloniki, captures the movement of the criminals and how the events of that evening unfolded.

The Pilaya-Chortiatis security department is conducting a preliminary investigation.

Recall that recently in “calm Greece” there has been rampant crime. As Athens News previously wrote, the public was shocked recently by footage of a video showing a criminal chasing a schoolboy and then breaking into a house when an unsuspecting boy opens the door with a key. After that, the robber pushed the boy and followed him into the house. As established, the offender took out a certain amount of money from the house. The child and his parents cannot recover from the shock.

The incident causes shock and great concern about whether it is safe for a child to move around the city alone. The police started investigating the incident.

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