14-year-old girl who did not pay for food was caught up and beaten by the owner of the diner

The case that occurred in Thessaloniki with a 14-year-old schoolgirl caused a mixed reaction and public outcry.

A teenage girl went to a steakhouse with two of her friends. She ordered three sandwiches and, as soon as she got them, she ran without paying. The incident took place last night in the Nea Epivata area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThessaloniki.

According to information provided by the publication thestival, the owner of the diner chased after her and caught the thief. According to witnesses, he started yelling at the girl and then punched her in the face, causing her nose to bleed.

The police were informed and the owner of the grill was taken to the remand prison of the Thermaikos Security Department. Following a lawsuit filed against him by the parents of a minor, he was arrested and will face the competent prosecutor’s office.

The girl told the police that the reason she grabbed the sandwiches and ran was because “she was encouraged by her friends.”

The public is in shock: either the prices for food have become “unaffordable” for Greek families – their children are starving, and therefore forced to steal, while others believe that “these are hooligan tricks” for likes on TikTok.

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