June 25, 2024

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The island that abandoned sun loungers: relaxing on the beach

The Aegean island “removes” sun loungers and invites us to enjoy the “wild” nature.

According to the municipality of Lipsi (Λειψοί), in the summer season of 2022 the island is fully adapted to the new demands of the modern world. dikaiologitika.gr.

The municipality, together with tourism professionals, offers guests an authentic holiday based on environmental consciousness, without unnecessary luxury, and says no to sun loungers on the beaches. And with the help of beautiful videos, she encourages travelers to enjoy the amenities that Mother Nature generously provides.

Lipsey Island is ideal for car-free travel and swimming in natural “pools” – lagoons, unlike luxurious, often “ostentatious” resorts.

After two years of lockdown and a pandemic, the municipality is offering travel destinations for the thinking traveler to suit those who like to enjoy the beauties of nature in peace with a book in hand. That is, the island is ideal for those who are opposed to noisy parties and nightclubs.

Lipsi, as of old, today remains quite an idyllic safe harbor, and the leisurely pace of life seems to illustrate the connection between the name of the island and the name of the nymph Calypso, who captivated Odysseus with her charms.

The beaches on Lipsi are scattered along the entire coastline, but the farthest one is no more than an hour’s walk away. The closest to the village are sandy Lendu and Kambos, although many visitors prefer two connected bays – Katsadya and Papandria, 2 kilometers south of the port along an asphalt road. In addition to sand and gravel, the double beach attracts guests with the Dilaila musical tavern-cafe in the bay on the left, offering dishes such as rosemary fish, saffron rice, fava and salad with aromatic sauce.

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