The island that broke its own record for tourist arrivals in 2022

The 2022 tourist season in Zakynthos is ending on a positive note, with tourism entrepreneurs getting ready to shut down their businesses and fully satisfied with the arrival of tourists. However, there are serious concerns about the next season, with regard to higher prices for flights and hotels. Zakynthos Airport recorded a record number of […]

Greek island ‘paradise’ for climbers, rated by the Times

The British Times calls Kalymnos the best climbing destination in Greece. A recent article in The Times talks about the most exciting off-season destinations in Greece. And the island of Kalymnos has become the best offer for … climbers. The article emphasizes that the Greek economy is experiencing a successful tourist season, which continues even […]

Vanity Fair: “Paradise Greece – just reach out”

As the most suitable holiday destination if you are planning to travel at the last minute, Greece is marked by the Italian Vanity Fair platform. The popular resource Vanity Fair, which is trusted by millions of readers, offers a “bouquet” of the following areas: Cyclades, Dodecanese Islands, Northern Greece, Peloponnese, Crete. These are tourist destinations […]

Two islands with unimaginable beaches

The Greek islands of Tinos and Milos were widely covered on the Australian continent, as described in an article in the daily newspaper NZ HERALD, published in Auckland (New Zealand). The publication explains why these two islands attracted his attention. Milos enchants with many places to explore. “You can visit more than 70 beaches here, […]

Charter tourism “Journey through three islands”

The Greek authorities have prepared an innovative travel option – charter flights “around the islands”. A pilot program that introduces domestic charter tourism, initially on three Greek islands: Astypalea, Kastelorizo ​​and Milos. The aim of the project is to provide the islands with additional connectivity to destinations not covered by commercial flights due to the […]

Elafonissos remains at the top of Italians’ preferences

According to the online newspaper, Italians choose Elafonissos as their main holiday destination this summer season. It remains at the top of Italians’ preferences, according to a recent article published by the online newspaper, which named the tourist destination one of the best summer holiday destinations in 2022. An article on, which also […]