One Sunday a month, Kifisia will be closed to cars.

The municipal authorities of Kifissia have decided to ban the entry of cars into the center of the district, as well as into Nea Eritrea, on one Sunday of every month.

As an alternative to transportation, residents and guests of the northern suburbs of the capital will have the opportunity to freely use electric public bicycles.

The aim of the green action is to introduce a culture of more urban-friendly means of transportation, such as cycling and riding electric scooters (pattini). This is a pilot project that other densely populated urban municipalities of the country will become equal to.

Because our cities, as they were originally created, were intended only for the “convenience” of vehicles passing without due attention to pedestrians. Sidewalks in most cases are basically narrow paths that you have to “wade” along rather than walk freely. And therefore, as the authorities of Kifissia decided, let a citizen get the public space that he deserves at least a few days a year.

The municipality of Kifissia is developing a new initiative for “green movement”, the movement of citizens on ecological modes of transport, such as electric public bikes and pattini.

The municipality secured funding from the NSRF Operational Program “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainability 2014-2020” to purchase and install 46 electric community bikes.

The total budget of the project is 317,822.68 euros and concerns the purchase of electric bicycles, as well as the development of public and public infrastructure to promote ecological transport. Recall that the municipality of Kifissia has a network of 13.2 km of bicycle paths.

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