Shock: the entrance to the Vouliagmeni beach for the disabled was estimated at five euros

It is simply unbelievable what is happening on Vouliagmeni beach despite the fact that the summer season has not yet arrived.

The price list, which is posted at the entrance to the “Ακτής Βουλιαγμένης”, states that people with a disability level (ΑΜΕΑ) of more than 80% must pay an entrance fee of 5 euros. The same amount, 5 euros, is paid by their escorts. At the same time, only children under 5 years old and accompanying groups of more than 14 people are exempted from payment.

According to representatives of the disabled, this year, for the first time, benefits (the cost of entering the beach) are cut for these categories of the population. But they are already deprived in their lives – they have no work, much is not available to them. Now, going to the beach (one of the few pleasures in life) will have to be reduced due to the inability to pay expenses.

In addition, it is not clear what their escorts pay for, who follow their charges by necessity, taking care of them either voluntarily or in the context of work. As shown in the table, ticket prices for 5 and 10 euros are valid until May 31, and from June 1, their price will increase, according to the officials “Ακτής Βουλιαγμένης”.

Last year, from May to October, the price of general admission was 10 euros and 5 euros for students, large families, people over 65, students, military personnel, the unemployed and groups of more than 14 people. Entrance was free for children and the disabled.

For his part, the Secretary General of the National Federation of the Disabled, V. Kutsianos, states that, in addition to the legal part, the issue is of a moral nature, while highlighting the problem of discrimination against people with disabilities arising from this decision. “On what basis was it decided to evaluate a ticket for a disabled person with a percentage of more than 80% at 5 euros, and for a disabled person with a lower percentage of 10 euros?” the official asks.

An oxymoron is the neighboring beaches of Varkiza and Voula, the operation of which is entrusted to private individuals. There, for the disabled, children and residents of the districts, admission is free. Unlike Vouliagmeni beach, which is directly operated by ETAD, a subsidiary of Superfund, and where everything is provided only for a fee.

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