Al Jazeera: War in Ukraine turns Greece into Europe’s energy hub

Edition Al Jazeera published a material in which she talks about the geopolitical renewal Greece and its transformation into a European gas hub.

According to articleas Europe trying to become independent supplies of energy resources from Russia, Greece becomes gates for the supply of natural gas, due to its geographical location.

In about a month, Greece will complete the construction of a pipeline that will connect the country with Bulgaria. This project will put an end to the Russian gas monopoly in the region, as well as in all of Southeast Europe.

Still Russia supplied Bulgaria 90% natural gas. Gazprom blocked taps April 27 when Sofia announced that she would not renew the contract with the Russian “Gazprom at the end of the year, and also refuses to pay for gas supplies in rubles. The same fate befell Poland.which announced a similar decision.

Mike Miriantis, industry veteran and analyst, explains Putin’s decision: “The Russian president didn’t want to give the impression that he was losing clients and decided to cut them off earlier”.

Bulgaria is waiting for the completion of work on the IGB pipeline for natural gas supplies. It will come from Azerbaijan, and Greece will receive it through the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP).

Michalis Matioulakis, an energy strategy consultant and head of the Hellenic Energy Forum think tank, notes that Bulgaria is already completely dependent on Greece for natural gas supplies. In fact, he notes, for the first time Greece is responsible for the energy security of another country.

However, the words of Mr. Matioulakis can be rephrased differently: Greece depends on American LNG, and Bulgaria depends on Greece. And although at the same time gas becomes much more expensive for consumers, these countries are now gaining energy independence from Russia, in return becoming dependent on the United States. What is the difference, you ask, and why pay more? By buying more expensive gas from the US, you are paying for democracy.

January 31 a consortium of companies from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Italy announced the construction of a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near Alexandroupoli. “I firmly believe that we are witnessing the beginning of Europe’s energy independence.” said Charles Michel, President of the European Council, at the opening of the liquefied natural gas terminal in Alexandroupolis. The more Southeast Europe will depend on Greece, the greater will be its international authority, the authors of the publication believe.

Moreover, analysts Al Jazeera note that gas supplied Greece, will increase the geopolitical influence of the country on Balkans. Greece, due to its geographical position, is becoming gateway for natural gas to Europe.

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