February 3, 2023

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In prison, a wife-killer from Kavala

The 55-year-old head of the family, who strangled his wife, is placed in a pre-trial detention center while the police investigate a high-profile case.

The offender was charged with premeditated murder, while he, through his lawyer, apologized to the relatives of his 43-year-old wife, who died at the hands of her husband.

Recall that a resident of Kavala strangled his wife Aida Papadopoula, a pharmacist. However, the information that “saw the light” caused a sensation after it was revealed on the MEGA Live News show that the tyrant had previously taken similar criminal actions against his “former” partner.

According to a woman who was in a relationship with him for two years before his marriage, the man initially behaved perfectly. However, everything changed quickly and dramatically. As his former girlfriend pointed out, she contacted Aida as soon as she found out that the unfortunate pharmacist had married a psychopath to warn her. And she told about her “nightmarish past” and relationships.

Meanwhile, the wife-killer, during his lengthy testimony to the police, claimed that as soon as he realized his act, he twice tried to commit suicide. And in fact, once took the pills.

“I wanted to die with her, so I made two suicide attempts,” the head of the family allegedly told the investigator, the news portal reports. iefimerida.gr.

For his part, the defendant’s lawyer stated that “how much his client regretted what he had done is evident from his serious suicide attempt.” The human rights activist claims that “there was no premeditated murder”, and the tragedy occurred in a fatal “outburst of anger”.

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