July 19, 2024

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House of nightmares: children were kept in inhuman conditions

Four underage girls lived in a real nightmare: they were bullied by their parents, who locked them in the house, leaving them without water and food.

The couple were taken to jail on charges of abusing the woman’s four children. The mother of underage girls, a resident of Heraklion (Crete), and their father locked their daughters in a room without food and water, and also forced them to wash in front of strangers who lived in the house with them.

According to ERT, the case was heard last week in the court of Heraklion, consisting of three members. The girls’ mother and her 59-year-old partner were found guilty. The spouses’ explanations did not convince the court, which sentenced the mother to 7 years and 5 months in prison, and her partner to 8.5 years.

The appeal, according to the court’s decision, has no suspensive effect, so the couple was detained and taken to prison to serve their sentences.

The testimony of two girls is shocking – what the 17-year-old daughter wrote in her letter

The testimonies of two older girls from the family who testified at the preliminary investigation are shocking. Also shocking is the letter written by the eldest daughter to the child psychiatrist under whose supervision they were.

The girl in her letter writes the word mother in quotation marks, expresses her sadness and wonders why the mother did not respond to the violence of her lover, whose actions caused irreparable damage to both herself and the children.

Girls aged 17, 15, 10 and 8 lived in poor conditions with their mother in Heraklion. She, according to the children, left them alone in city parks for a long time and sent them to beg in shops. At some point, she met a man, they became a couple and decided to move to a deep village where he has a house.

According to the descriptions of the children, from that moment on, their life turned into a nightmare. The man systematically insulted 4 girls, using verbal and physical violence against them. According to them, he forced them to bathe in the presence of their mother and two friends who lived with them, locked them in a room for several hours without food or water, and did not attend school regularly. And on those days when they appeared in the classroom, they looked untidy, walked in dirty clothes, for which they received reprimands from teachers.

The man allegedly threatened and terrorized the children, making them pretend and “look happy” every time they visited a social worker or child psychiatrist.

The girls now live under the care of their biological father. And maybe their life has not improved much, but at least they have the opportunity to wash and clean themselves up, and attend school regularly, as the court noted.

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