Rising energy prices: will air conditioners be banned?

The Greek government is developing an energy saving plan for the summer and next winter, with restrictions on the use of air conditioners likely to be imposed.

The government is intervening to save energy for the summer and next winter, following the model of other European countries such as Italy.

According to ΝΕΩΝ, this is the implementation of an immediate action plan aimed at reducing the energy consumption of hundreds of public buildings and promoting energy efficiency against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine (Russian gas supplies and payment in rubles are questionable). However, lately there seems to be a “window” for solving the problem.

In particular, air conditioners will need to be set to +26-27°C in summer, so that the temperature does not fall below this limit, and +19-20°C in winter. During this period, the temperature will not exceed the above level.

Among other things measures will be taken to replace light bulbs with modern energy-efficient, while it will be mandatory to turn off the light after the end of each work where it is not needed. A similar massive project was implemented during the 2004 Olympics, when the country’s electricity system faced serious adequacy and stability problems. The resulting savings will greatly contribute to achieving the goal of the National Energy and Climate Plan (Ενέργεια και το Κλίμα, ΕΣΕΚ) by 2030.

Italian model

Italy imposed restrictions on the temperature of air conditioners from May 1 to save energy. In particular, air conditioners in public administration buildings will not be able to be regulated at temperatures below +25°C in summer, and in the winter months heating will not be able to exceed +21°C.

In the first phase, this energy saving strategy will only be applied to public buildings. However, in the future it is possible that it will be extended to private offices and residences.. The law will be in effect until the end of March 2023, in order to save 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

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