February 3, 2023

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Madrid: Dozens injured in apartment building explosion

A powerful explosion in a 4-storey building in the suburbs of the Spanish capital Salamanca. At least 17 people were injured, the search for wounded and possible victims continues.

Four victims are in the hospital, one is in critical condition. Those who received minor injuries were not hospitalized, they were treated on the spot. It is assumed that the explosion occurred due to a gas leak, but this is only one of the versions, writes El Pais.

The building was seriously damaged, as were cars parked nearby. In the area under lockdown are Madrid firefighters, the local civil protection service and the municipal police.

An emergency services spokesman says firefighters were “trying to get to the apartment where the explosion took place using a ladder from the front of the building” and rescued four people. For now, they are prioritizing finding possible victims who may be inside.”

The municipal police regulates the traffic, unmanned aerial vehicles are involved for aerial photography. Mayor of Madrid Jose Luis Martinez Almeida speaks, quotes newsbreak:

“We don’t know exactly what happened. Neighbors say that there was a powerful explosion, we are investigating all possible versions.

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