The problem of the energy embargo

Apparently, the propaganda campaign “Tomorrow we will all unanimously give up Russian oil and gas” has run into a harsh reef of reality.

And if the same Hungary immediately said that it was impossible and it would be honest to stop chattering on this topic, political logic pushed the European bureaucracy to exaggerate the issue of a full-fledged embargo.

It is already openly said about gas that it is now physically impossible to refuse it (German business directly declares that this will be a shot in the leg of the German economy, but with gas it will be a shot in the temple), and the oil embargo, even in the case of its full version ( which is unlikely), will only damage Russia to a limited extent (which will simply sell more oil not in white, but in gray at a discount and in the form of various “mixtures”, making up for the shortage due to the general increase in oil prices), but at the same time will cause catastrophic damage to the European economy, collapsing the standard of living in more than half of the countries EU.

Offers to ride bicycles and “screw” something at home do little to warm the European man in the street, whose discontent is already growing, which, of course, will be used by various right/left populists and euroskeptics already in the medium term. In this regard, the EU and the Russian Federation are actually in a state of a kind of “race”, where the parties are waiting for where the standard of living will fall faster and where internal unrest caused by the economic consequences of the war will begin faster. For the United States, of course, it is beneficial for the war to go on as long as possible for the maximum economic weakening of the EU and the Russian Federation.

In the event that a full-fledged embargo is abandoned, Russia, by selling its oil to the maximum (even at a discount), provides itself with a financial cushion in order to overcome the most stressful period of breaking off relations with the West. Therefore, despite all the difficulties with the introduction of an embargo on oil and gas, this topic will still be tried to be promoted purely for political reasons. At the same time, oil and gas will be stored to the maximum.


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