French President warns of escalation of war in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron made a statement about a possible escalation of hostilities in Ukraine in an interview with Funke media group.

In his opinion, the test of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” caused concern, the politician quotes. DW:

“The risk is very high. The test of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile (Sarmat) on Wednesday causes concern. In connection with the war crimes committed by Russia, the way it is waging war in the Donbass and Mariupol, nuclear provocations at the end of February, it must be said completely clear: Russia has a desire to escalate.”

Recall, as reported air force, the Russian Ministry of Defense, against the backdrop of the invasion of Ukraine, announced the successful test launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) “Sarmat”. This missile will give thought to those who are trying to threaten Russia, President Vladimir Putin commented on the launch. The Russian authorities carried out the test at a time when there are concerns about the possible use of nuclear weapons due to the war in Ukraine.

The French President notes that in the current situation, the European Union needs to maintain a dialogue with partners in other regions – in China, India, the Persian Gulf. Germany, France and Italy should act as mediators:

“There should not be a split in the world. It should not be that only the US and Europe are fighting back against Russia, while the rest of the world is taking the easy way.”

Answering a question about Germany’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, Macron, noting the close coordination of efforts with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, said:

“Each country takes responsibility by maintaining its own balance. I do not interfere in the politics of other states.”

In his interview, Macron warned against severing contacts with the Kremlin. Noting that sometimes the results of telephone communication with Putin are disappointing, the politician insists that communication should be continued.

Tomorrow, April 24, the second round of presidential elections will be held in France. During televised debates on April 20 the incumbent head of state accused Marine Le Pen, his main rival, that “her policy is aimed at leaving Europe” and called the upcoming elections “a referendum for or against EU“.

The most important topic of the politicians’ dispute was the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is worth noting that both Macron and Le Pen have a fairly long history of relations with the Kremlin. The French President was one of the few Western politicians who paid a visit to Moscow shortly before the invasion. After the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine on February 24, Macron sharply condemned the actions of the Kremlin. He unconditionally supported tough Western sanctions and the supply of weapons to Kyiv. But he did not stop telephone communication with Putin either.

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