February 3, 2023

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Pegas tanker owner claims his ship was illegally detained

A Russian company has filed a lawsuit in connection with the seizure of the 250-meter Pegas tanker under the Russian flag in Karystos, claiming that the ship’s shares were transferred to it and do not belong to a Russian bank, which was imposed by the European Union.

It should be recalled that the obligation assumed by the Greek authorities in accordance with the sanctions list, as explained by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Mr. Vourliotis, concerns the ship belonging to the sanctioned Russian companies, and not the cargo and, of course, not the crew, which is free to leave the ship and go somewhere whatever.

As we reported earlier, due to a mechanical problem, the tanker was escorted by a tugboat bound for the Peloponnese, where the oil was to be reloaded onto another tanker. However, due to unfavorable weather conditions on the traverse of Cape Doro, the tanker found a safe anchorage on the traverse of the bay of Karystos (Evia).

According to the statement of the Greek authorities, the ship was arrested, as it was found that it belongs to a Russian bank, which is on the sanctions list. EU. in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The news was published in the Russian media, and the information was confirmed on Twitter by the Russian embassy in Greece:

“The Embassy is checking the information that appeared in the Greek media about the detention of the Pegasus oil tanker near the island of Euboea with 19 sailors on board,” adding: “We are in contact with the Greek authorities on this issue.”

According to the information, the Russian shipbuilding company has already appealed to the Hellenic Navy, stating that its shares were withdrawn from the sanctioned bank. They also demand the release of the ship because this company, unlike the bank, is not on the sanctions list. Application due to the complexity of the re-registration of shares was made long before the arrest of the vessel, the report says.

The Russian crew of the Pegas oil tanker detained in Greece is safe. This was announced on April 19 by Sergey Vlasenko, the general director of the Transmorflot company, which is the ship’s operator. In fact, they can sail around Greece if the ship’s delay lasts too long.

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