Help to Ukraine or own security

By constantly supplying Ukraine with weapons, the United States could run out of weapons. But what about your own safety?

This question was asked Bloombergquoting Johns Hopkins Professor of International Politics Hal Brands:

“Western allies face a choice: send more weapons to Kiev or keep stocks for their own defence.”

Gradually, “the arsenal of democracy is being depleted,” and the war in Ukraine is reaching a critical stage, when the Russians are preparing to gain a foothold in eastern Ukraine. Recalling the more than successful strategy of supporting the United States of Great Britain in 1940-1941, the professor nevertheless warns: “This could lead to a fatal shortage of weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and expose America’s weakness.”

As our publication reported, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Greek Defense Minister, said that Athens is more do not plan send military equipment or weapons to Ukraine. According to the minister, sending more weapons could affect the defense of Greece on its territory, especially on the islands.

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