June 10, 2023

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Einar Repse: World War III has already begun

Former Prime Minister of Latvia Einar Repse believes that after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Third World War has already begun, now it is in its initial stages.

He expressed his opinion in an interview with Latvian Radio, the politician quotes tautaruna.lv:

“The West has understood one mercilessly clear thing (..) It doesn’t like it, but it’s true: in fact, the Third World War has already begun. It is now at an early stage, somewhere at the stage of the “Anschluss” of Austria and the occupation of the Sudetenland [если сравнивать с событиями перед Второй мировой войной]but it has already begun.

Repshe believes that there are only two possible ways to end this war: a complete defeat or a complete victory for Russia:

“The third option is any peace agreements … this will not be a solution, at best it will only freeze the conflict for several years.”

According to the politician, only thanks to the concessions of the West in the past, Russia attacked Georgia, Moldova, Crimea, Donbass and, eventually, all of Ukraine:

“They have not yet managed to enter Kyiv because of the really heroic resistance of the Ukrainians. But Russia is already threatening Poland, the Baltics, Sweden (we are talking about Gotland), Finland with a nuclear strike. And the Russians are arguing on their central information channels whether it will be a nuclear strike in Warsaw, in Riga or in Kiev. This is unthinkable. Besides, this dictator cannot stop, this is a personal defeat for him, personal annihilation.”

Repshe notes that Western intelligence is very closely following what is happening with the nuclear arsenal. He is sure that Russia in the war in Ukraine will be “torn to rags”:

“The only thing they can do that is really dangerous is that they can threaten with nuclear weapons, which they do.”

The politician notes that the West is helping Ukraine not only with the introduction of economic sanctions against Russia, but also with weapons. Quoting “an interesting person” Yuri Shvets, a former KGB officer now living in the US, he says, as he writes bb.lv:

“The West has realized that at the moment this is really a world war, Ukrainians are now heroically fighting for the whole world and for the world against the absolute, in fact the last, evil in the world.”

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