The first tax returns of 2022 have already been filed

The processing of the first tax returns received by ΑΑΔΕ showed that more than 7 out of 10 citizens either do not pay a single euro of tax or receive a refund.

AADE data shows that the continuation of the pandemic and the pressure it has put on the income of most Greeks in 2021 has meant that for at least the first 100,000 people who filed a tax return, the account remains either zero or has a tax refund, reports Only 25% of taxpayers receive a debit invoice with the amount of additional tax, on average at the level of 470 euros.

More detailed information on tax returns submitted to ΑΑΔΕ 138 004:

• 59.96% of taxpayers do not pay additional tax, as out of 138,004 declarations 82,746 are zero.
• 15.46% of taxpayers, or 21,331 individuals, received tax refunds totaling EUR 6.2 million, ie. an average of 291 euros for each.
• A total of 75.33% of taxpayers who filed a tax return do not pay additional tax or receive a refund.
• 24.58% of taxpayers are required to pay additional tax. In particular, for 33,927 taxpayers, the result of data processing is a debit, and the total amount of tax is 16.06 million euros. The average tax on these declarations is 473 euros.

The payment of income tax for this year can be made in eight equal monthly installments, the first installment at the end of July and the last one at the end of February 2023. This year, a 3% discount will be applied to individuals who submit a declaration before the end of June and pay the tax in a lump sum before July 29.

Starting from this year, taxpayers, before submitting the final declaration, have the opportunity to see in the summary table their income from each source, their expenses based on data received from the authorized bodies, and this year the student’s rented housing electricity supply number must be filled in to receive electricity subsidies.

Who “rushed” to file a declaration

Most of those who rushed to file a tax return in the first ten days of the platform’s opening know that they will receive a tax refund. The intention of AADE is now that the income tax credit amount can be set off against other certified debts to the state, such as ENFIA, etc. After verification and in the absence of a confirmed debt, the amount is credited to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

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