Elections in France: Macron and Le Pen predictably advanced to the second round

The French voters have made their choice. As preliminary data show, incumbent President Emmanuel Macron has entered the second round, he is in the lead, and Marine Le Pen, who defends the idea of ​​the country’s independence, is a candidate from the National Association.

After counting 99% of the ballots, Macron is gaining 27.6% of the vote (9,560,545), Le Pen 23.4% (8,109,857), Mélenchon 22% (7,605,225). The second round kicks off in two weeks, and Macron calls on supporters to actively participate in the vote:

In the next two weeks, we will spare no effort, because nothing has been decided yet. Let’s be humble, resolute and let’s convince everyone that on April 24 we can choose a new French and European era. On April 24, we can choose hope. On April 24, we can choose France and Europe together.

Hopes for victory and Marine Le Pen:

I will secure national independence for France to make her a peaceful country. I will return sovereignty to France in all areas, so that the French people will be free to decide and defend their interests. I will take control of immigration and restore general security.

Insubordinate France leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon took presidential race third place and called on his supporters to support the incumbent in the second round:

Who are the French people taken for? People themselves know what to do and are able to decide what will be good for the country. We will never lose faith in democracy, so not a single vote should be cast for Le Pen.

In several French cities on the evening of Sunday, April 10, people took to the streets to protest against the results of the presidential election. About it informs BFM TV channel. According to him, only in the city of Rennes, about 500 people came out to demonstrate, mostly young people. Activists marched through the city center chanting anti-capitalist and anti-fascist slogans. This protest soon turned into riots. Young people began to smash street furniture, damaged the windows of bank branches.

A similar action was held in the city of Lyon. The number of its members is still unknown. Police forces were deployed to contain the activists. The protesters said they did not support any of the leaders of the presidential race – neither Emmanuel Macron nor Marine Le Pen.

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