Will the fine for unvaccinated 60+ be cancelled? Maybe…

Greek Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga has vowed that perhaps the fine for unvaccinated older people will be lifted.

Speaking on the ΣΚΑΪ TV channel this morning, the Deputy Minister stressed that in the summer, people over 60 who did not receive a coronavirus vaccine would not have to pay an administrative fine of 100 euros.

Answering a specific question about the date when the administrative measure will be lifted, Mina Gaga said promisingly: “We’ll see, maybe from next month.” That is, already in April, you can count on the cancellation? She added that the number of cases of coronavirus should be reduced to 200-300 per day, but so far this has not happened. newsbeast.gr.

Recall that in the age group over 60 years, vaccination against coronavirus is mandatory. Starting from January 16, everyone who did not have time to sign up for at least the first appointment is threatened with monthly fine in the amount of 100 euros. The government’s decision was published in Government Gazette, with exceptions for those who, for health reasons, cannot be vaccinated. Stelios Petsas, Deputy Interior Minister, explained that the fine would apply after 16 January.

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