February 3, 2023

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A restaurant in Germany banned Russians from visiting the establishment and paid for it

A restaurant in Bietigheim (Kreis Rastatt) banned Russians from visiting the establishment, according to a German publication. bnn.de.

The owner of the restaurant “Traube” (grapes), against the backdrop of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, banned Russian citizens from visiting the restaurant. An announcement was posted on the official page that people with Russian citizenship or with a Russian passport would be denied service.

On the home page of the Traube restaurant in the city center, it said over the weekend: “Visitors with a Russian passport are not welcome in our house.” The Russian authorities are to blame for the criminal actions.”

“Besucher mit russischem Pass sind bei uns im Haus unerwünscht.”

A short message he posted on his restaurant’s website over the weekend caused a massive uproar among both local burghers and the Russian-speaking diaspora that continues to this day.

On the site, on Twitter and Facebook, angry responses, threats and demands to remove the ad rained down on the owner and the institution.

The news of the ban for Russian citizens spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. In the vast majority of comments, the generalized ban on a specific nationality was condemned as inciting hatred towards xenophobia. “You want peace for your children, but you sow hatred towards people of Russian origin. This is a contradiction,” writes a Facebook user.

Frightened by such a reaction, the owner changed the announcement that night to a more tolerant one: “We know that the Russians are not responsible for the actions of the leadership,” and “this was done in order for our children to live in peace,” which did not save him.

The restaurant’s website was hacked and renamed “Restaurant der Hetze” (Restaurant of the Incitement), its Google ratings dropped from a good 4.5 stars to 1.4 stars, the police were forced to put up an order near the restaurant to avoid conflicts and scandals. The restaurant’s web page was closed, no one picked up the phone.

According to the latest data, the owner of the restaurant was expelled from the membership of the Bietigheim CDU and the association of restaurateurs. In Google, his account and the website of the restaurant disappeared.

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