Homeowner killed family for rent debts

The main suspect in the murder of a family of 4, including two babies, in Andravida was arrested late on Friday evening, and confessed to the murder on Saturday. The 60-year-old homeowner reportedly shot and killed parents and strangled young children for “non-payment of rent,” he claimed. However, the police are also investigating a racist […]

A restaurant in Germany banned Russians from visiting the establishment and paid for it

A restaurant in Bietigheim (Kreis Rastatt) banned Russians from visiting the establishment, according to a German publication. bnn.de. The owner of the restaurant “Traube” (grapes), against the backdrop of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, banned Russian citizens from visiting the restaurant. An announcement was posted on the official page that people with Russian citizenship or […]

Mitsotakis expelled deputy Bogdanos from the ranks of the ND due to anti-communist rhetoric

New Democracy MP Konstantinos Bogdanos was expelled from the parliamentary faction of the ruling New Democracy Party following his harsh anti-communist rhetoric in parliament. In a speech given by the deputy on the rostrum of parliament, he, among other things, said that the communists pose a greater threat to Greece than Turkey. Prime Minister Kyriakos […]

Opposition demands exclusion of MP Bogdanos for retweeting publications about children of migrants

Public outcry erupted on Tuesday when New Democracy MP and former journalist Konstantinos Bogdanos retweeted a website post about migrant children in a kindergarten in Athens. The website, owned by the deputy’s wife, published a list of children’s names as well as the names of teachers under the heading “Shocking List”, regretting that most of […]

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