War in Ukraine: ‘landing attack’ in Mariupol, US says

According to the US Department of Defense, Mariupol is under “landing” attack. It is a coastal city in southeastern Ukraine with a large Greek population.

John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, said, as reported newsbeast.gr:

“We believe that such an attack is being carried out, but we do not have clear information about its progress. It certainly seems to us that part of their plans in the south is to further cut off the territory of Donbass and continue efforts to occupy large cities.”

Meanwhile on news site of Mariupol at 23:09 posted the following information:

According to the press service of the Mariupol city council, according to operational information, several enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups were working in the city. They put marks on residential buildings for subsequent aviation navigation. They were eliminated by the National Police and military units. The tags have been destroyed. For the sake of safety, residents are advised to stay at home and not go out unless necessary.

A little earlier, at 20:26, shelling was reported:

Tonight, during the shelling of the military of the Russian Federation, the Levoberezhny district suffered. Emergency response services have arrived at the scene. It is reported by the Mariupol City Council. According to preliminary data, the projectile hit the football field of school No. 48. The shells also hit nearby houses along the streets of Azovstalskaya, Svobody and Pobedy Ave. Preliminary four objects. Residents hide in shelters. Information about the victims is being specified. All necessary services have been dispatched to the site. Information will be added. According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, shells hit the building of school No. 48 (fortunately, without people staying) and a twelve-story residential building, followed by burning. As a result, 3 people were injured. 4 people and 1 unit were involved in extinguishing. GSChS technicians.

Information about the operational situation in the city as of 7 o’clock on February 26 appeared on the city hall’s website in the morning:

The operational situation near Mariupol is fully controlled by the Ukrainian military. There are losses of radioactive armored vehicles and personnel. Quantity is being specified. Ukrainian police guard the city.

City life

Electrical supply. Without changes. On the streets of Levoberezhny and Kalmiussky, 188 TPs are still disconnected. Without electricity 41,229 subscribers (Gorod-3, Gorod-8 lines)
Heat supply. Without changes. Boiler houses of the East, 279 kv, 232 kv, Kurchatov, Mirny, school No. 43 remain de-energized (Gorod-8, Gorod-3 lines).
Water supply. Without changes. The pumping stations are operating normally, the pumping stations in the Levoberezhny District have been transferred to backup power lines.
Transport. Without changes, municipal transport left the line. Operates as normal, according to the existing passenger traffic, on an appropriate basis. 97 units of MTTU rolling stock left the line: tram – 22, trolleybus – 35, bus – 40 units.
Housing stock. Without changes. Yesterday, as a result of the shelling of the Levoberezhny district, a shell hit the football field of school No. 48, damage was done to the houses: Azovstalskaya, 158a, 158b, Pobedy Ave., 127, Svoboda Ave., 39, 45 (windows, etc.).

How informs Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, the Greek evacuation plan is being implemented, crisis management units have been activated. Addressing the Greeks who are still in Ukraine, the Foreign Minister urged them to be in constant contact with the Greek diplomatic authorities and avoid unnecessary travel.

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