Invention of Chinese scientists is being tested at the Beijing Olympics

A unique device for detecting COVID-19 particles in the air, invented by Chinese scientists, was tested during the Beijing Olympics.

According to the publication Sputnikreferring to China Daily, innovative technology allows you to accurately recognize the viral particles of COVID-19, which was successfully confirmed by the “Olympic” testing. Liu Peng, researcher at Tsinghua University School of Medicine, explains:

“The work to prevent the spread of viruses consists of a number of procedures, such as disinfection of premises and testing of participants. Testing the air for the presence of the virus is an additional tool to provide early warning.”

In most cases, the coronavirus is transmitted from those who are in the close environment of the sick, during coughing and sneezing. Nevertheless, aerosol particles that “fly” in the air, especially in enclosed spaces, also become a source of infection.

The innovation of Chinese inventors is a portable device that sucks in the surrounding air. It then sifts out small particles that may contain the virus, dissolves them in a liquid, and checks them through a nucleic acid detector.

Liu Peng notes with optimism, noted that the sensitivity of the system they invented is 10 times higher than that of similar molecular genetic diagnostic devices. And this means that even air samples containing a small amount of viruses can be marked as potentially dangerous.

Testing, which was conducted during the Olympics, takes less than four hours. During this time, the device determines the composition of the air and transmits the results to the authorities to combat viral diseases. The test of the invention took place in the period of preparation for the Olympics in the media center and at five sites of the Games. Such devices will be used at airports, railway stations, and medical institutions.

Earlier, our publication said that in the ranks of the Austrian army there were two trained dogs – Rottweiler and Belgian Shepherd, able to accurately identify the carrier of the coronavirus. Service dogs are specifically trained to detect Covid-19.

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