The easing of measures comes into force from Saturday, February 19

Starting next Saturday, February 19, new decisions will come into effect regarding the easing of measures for stadiums, entertainment, school trips and telecommuting.

In particular, the following decisions were made: Lifting the ban on the position in the entertainment industry. Restoration of school trips. Increase in stadium occupancy up to 50%. Implementation of remote work in the private and public sector by 20%. Allowing standing places in bars.

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said:

“At today’s meeting, an expert committee, at the request of the government, recommended lifting the ban on standing places in entertainment venues, starting school tours, increasing stadium occupancy to 50%, and implementing remote work in the private and public sectors by 20%.

Conferences can be held with 100% attendance (but only for vaccinated). At tomorrow’s meeting, the committee will consider individual applications. The proposal of the Commission is accepted by the government and the details will be specified in the forthcoming joint ministerial decision (ΚΥΑ). The new measures will be applied from Saturday 02/19/22.

As for carnivals, experts speak negatively about holding festive processions. However, it has been discussed that some events – indoor dancing – can only be held for the vaccinated.

The main fear of the committee members regarding carnival processions* is that mass events, combined with the mobility of the population and trips to them, will very quickly overturn the idea of ​​u200bu200bstabilization and a very slow retreat of the epidemic, which has been achieved with difficulty over the past month.

* Gentlemen, why are you panicking, will everyone be wearing masks at carnivals? Or is this the problem, that masks will not be bought from “their own manufacturers?”.

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