A new disinfectant coating for COVID-19 has been developed

Japanese scientists have developed an effective disinfectant coating against COVID-19. In a scientific publication scientific reports An article was published about the unique development of scientists from Japan: an antiviral coating against COVID-19 reliably protects against infection. As tells BB.LV, scientists from the Nara Medical University, the Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology and […]

Invention of Chinese scientists is being tested at the Beijing Olympics

A unique device for detecting COVID-19 particles in the air, invented by Chinese scientists, was tested during the Beijing Olympics. According to the publication Sputnikreferring to China Daily, innovative technology allows you to accurately recognize the viral particles of COVID-19, which was successfully confirmed by the “Olympic” testing. Liu Peng, researcher at Tsinghua University School […]

Scientists from the UK have established the impact of the pandemic on porn viewing

During the pandemic, quarantine in the UK has increased the number of fans to watch pornography and masturbate. A study on this topic was conducted by scientists from Bournemouth University, and their opus was published in the journal Sexual Medicine. A month after the start of the pandemic and the introduction of quarantine, scientists interviewed […]

Japanese Scientists Invent Coronavirus Signaling Mask

A group of Japanese researchers from Kyoto Prefecture University has developed a protective mask that glows in the event of Covid-19. They hope to receive a government grant for further work. Unusual effect, reports TASS, was achieved by treating the removable filter of the protective accessory with a special fluorescent dye. When microparticles of coronavirus […]

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