The murder of a 7-year-old boy in Kipseli, the details of the tragedy are terrifying

The bones of seven-year-old Andreas killed in Kipseli were kept for five years in a toolbox found by the police on the balcony of the apartment where his mother, an immigrant from Poland, lived.

The life of a boy cannot be called happy. He constantly endured the bullying of his mother’s 33-year-old roommate, an alcoholic and drug addict, until one day it all ended in tragedy. Later, the man admitted during interrogation that on that fateful day he once again punished the little son of his cohabitant, depriving him of food and forcing him to stand in one place for several hours. In response to the boy’s protests, he wrapped the nose and mouth of the child with electrical tape, as a result of which he died as a martyr from suffocation.

The couple quickly decided on the tactics of further behavior: they told all their friends that the child was taken to Poland by his biological father. This legend did not arouse suspicion for five long years, until a homeless Pole who committed petty theft fell into the hands of the Greek police. On October 20, police officers from the Southeast Attica security service detained a 34-year-old foreigner and a 38-year-old Greek woman in Nea Smyrni, members of a criminal gang who were committing shoplifting.

In an effort to get the “favor” of the police, the detained Pole told how once a compatriot, tipsy, showed him the terrible contents of a toolbox on his balcony – the bones of his stepson he had killed were stored there.

It was so incredible that to begin with, the police conducted a thorough investigation and made an inquiry at the place of residence of the ex-husband of the Polish migrant – what if the child really is with the father. But, as it turned out, since 2018 he has been under constant treatment in a psychiatric clinic. And then law enforcement officers came with a search to the 29-year-old mother of Andreas.

A tool box with terrifying contents was found in an old wooden sofa on the balcony. The mother of the dead child is arrested, but her behavior is shocking. Denying all the accusations, the woman does not cooperate with the investigation, does not apologize, and even outwardly remains absolutely impassive:

“I didn’t see anything that night. I did not understand what happened, because at that time I was playing on the computer. I didn’t see any insulating film, I don’t know what happened,” these were her first statements after the arrest. However, her partner confessed to the crime and apologized.

But that’s not all. As it turned out, the woman (it’s hard to call her mother!) had another child – a girl who now lives in a foster family. Like her dead brother, she often suffered from the attacks and abusive behavior of her drug addict stepfather.

In 2018, a year after her brother’s death, a 10-year-old girl found herself in elementary school. She was emaciated and dirty, constantly covered in bruises and abrasions, and the educational institution informed the prosecutor’s office about this. In the end, the girl was removed from the criminal environment, and she is brought up in a prosperous family, where everyone loves her. But will she ever be able to forget all the horror she experienced and the death of her younger brother?

In response to the question where her daughter is now, her impassive parent replies: “In Poland, with my mother” …

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