The jeep fell into the sea, the driver was barely rescued

In Stylida, a 73-year-old woman driving a jeep lost control of the car while trying to make a U-turn, and the car “dived” into the sea.

The car began to sink slowly. Apparently in a panic, the driver was unable to open the door to leave the car. Precious minutes were lost and the water had already reached the middle of the door. Two visitors, a man and a woman, who were at that time in a coastal cafe, witnessed what was happening.

Seeing that the car was sinking into the sea, they rushed to help.

At the same time, according to LamiaReport, people who threw themselves into the icy sea managed to open the car door. First, they pulled the woman out and placed her on the top of the jeep, which protruded from the water. The driver was conscious, but cold, shocked and unable to move.

Volunteer rescuers with difficulty began to transport a very obese person to the shore. At this time, the AT Stylida police arrived, which, without hesitation, also entered the sea and helped the rescuers to deliver the victim to the shore.

It is reported that the elderly woman had health problems related to the heart, and she was in real danger of hypothermia. On the shore, the lady was covered with clothes and blankets, the coast guard and EKAB officers immediately arrived.

The victim was taken to the hospital.

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