Loukidis: how we will celebrate Easter, vaccinated and unvaccinated

Stelios Loukidis, a pulmonologist and professor of medicine at EKPA, is optimistic about holding Easter without restrictions, however, he stressed that access to restaurants and taverns will be only for the vaccinated.

Speaking to Mega, Mr. Loukidis emphasized that we will see a significant improvement in the situation in mid-March, as “we are in a stable position in all respects. There is a downward trend in hospitalizations in intensive care units. If a large percentage of the population takes the 3rd dose, and if antivirals are available, the disease will subside from mid-March.”

Speaking about how we will spend this Easter, Mr. Loukidis said: “We all have optimism about the Easter holidays. It will be seen by the presence of infected cases, but I believe that we can be “freer”. Access only vaccinated in public catering, I think, will still remain for some time. People who have made 3 doses can be said to be perfectly protected. Although still at risk (in terms of deaths) – people over 65 years old. That is why we must still adhere to some measures.”

Regarding when we will remove the masks, the specialist noted: “When the number of cases of infection will noticeably decrease. But we have to learn to live with the virus.”

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