Metropolitan Amphilochius: “We have made the coronavirus, not Christ, the center of our lives!”

Metropolitan of Kisama and Selinsky of the Cretan Orthodox Church Amphilochius said that for Orthodox believers, the center of life has become not Christ, but COVID.

The Greek hierarch drew attention to the fact that violence thrives in Greek schools, children use drugs, and parents are more concerned that children do not receive communion during a pandemic. Thus, the coronavirus has become more important for them than faith, writes

Metropolitan Amphilochius did not ignore the sanctions threatening teachers who led schoolchildren to church on the day of the feast of the Three Hierarchs, the patrons of education. The bishop noted: “We have chosen the wrong road.” He called it a tragedy:

“We have emptied the souls of our children from Christ, from faith, from hope, and, as Sartre says, we are like the “living dead,” because this existential void will be filled with a hell of desires and addictions. This is a tragedy because we have made the coronavirus and not Christ the center of our lives! Where is the sensitivity to the increase in violence, drugs, allegations of their use and trafficking, deviant behavior, and much more that is happening in schools (their yards and surrounding areas)?

The hierarch asks why officials are not concerned that during a pandemic, children are in small, unventilated rooms? But the participation of several students in Holy Communion, in their opinion, is capable of causing an “outbreak of infection in the school community!”.

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