Piraeus Metropolis of the EOC: “These are two scandals of the highest standard”

The Metropolis of Piraeus of the Greek Orthodox Church considers the recognition of the OCU to be a scandal of the highest order.

The edition “Vimaortodoksia” quotes: Dumenko’s organization is “a schismatic formation, excommunicated, anathematized and unchurched.” This is an excerpt from a large published message of the Office for Combating Heresies of the Metropolis of Piraeus. It criticizes the current state of both the Western world and the Catholic Church. The letter draws attention to the great problems that exist in the religious life of Greece, and also analyzes the article by Professor Georgios Piperopoulos.

It raises the issue of reducing the number of believers who take part in the sacraments. It also draws attention to the distance of the youth of Greece from religion. The reasons for this phenomenon, the professor believes, “should be sought in the erosion of Greek society under the influence of the ideology of the New Age and the secularization of church life.”

The Metropolis of Piraeus believes that “two scandals of the highest standard” should be added to this – the recognition by the Church of Greece of the OCU and the unwillingness to condemn the heresy of ecumenism synodally:

“The recognition by the majority of our hierarchs of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, that is, the recognition that the schismatic formation of Epiphanius, excommunicated, anathematized and unchurched, with its tiny flock, constitutes the “official autocephalous Church of Ukraine” – this is another deep wound in the body of our Local Church.

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