Murder in Thessaloniki: 4 years and 3 months of imprisonment already secured, investigation continues

The investigation into the murder of 19-year-old Alkis Campanos is in full swing – searches, new videos from cameras, the establishment of all those involved in the crime.

Police raided various fan associations in Thessaloniki and found many potentially lethal items: knives, brass knuckles, bats, crowbars, empty bottles and dozens of other items that could cause bodily harm. During the operation, two people, 43 and 36 years old, were arrested.

As a result of a police raid on a fan club on Paleon Patron Germanou, a 23-year-old Albanian detained for murder was brought to trial by three people, who sentenced him to 4 years and 3 months in prison, as well as a fine of 2,200 euros for discovering in the fan community dangerous items. Perhaps some of these, or similar ones, were used in the attack on Alkis and his friends.

In the meantime, a new video from the crime scene has appeared on the network, where you can clearly see the perpetrators of the attack. The previous video shows an arrested Albanian and his white Citroen C3. The accused and two people sit in it. Three participants in the attack are running towards another black car. Both cars leave the crime scene at high speed.

Yesterday morning, an Albanian was charged with gang murder and attempted murder.

The detainee denies his guilt, and he was given until Monday. He is being held in custody.

According to Alpha, fingerprints of the accused and the DNA of his victim, Alkis Campanos, were found on the murder weapon. The owner’s blood was found in a white car belonging to the detainee.

A mobile phone was confiscated from the Albanian, by which he actively contacted his interlocutors before, and especially after, the murder. According to the message OPENhe allegedly communicated with one of the 10-15 people who took part in the attack.

Friends of the deceased who were at the scene of the crime and were injured were interviewed. They only learned of their friend’s death yesterday when they were discharged from the Papanicolaou hospital.

According to, three were brutally attacked, but Alkis’ friends were “luckier” – at least they survived. The father of one of the two wounded arrived at the scene of the attack and was informed of the tragedy. Seeing him, the son whispered: “Leave me, go to Alkis, I failed to save him.”

At the scene of the murder of a young student – flowers and candles. Among those who brought them here and mourn the death of a student are the police from DIAS.

People leave flowers, messages, scarves, lit candles, paying tribute to the deceased. And the fans of Aris at the scene of the murder placed a sign with the inscription “Alkiviadis Campanou Street.”

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