June 15, 2024

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600 euros will be given to persons left without electricity and heat for several days due to problems with the power grid

Residents of areas that have been experiencing serious problems with the supply of electricity for several days due to weather disasters that have hit the country are assessing the damage caused to them.

Most of the problems, according to the electricity grid ΔΕΔΔΗΕ, are now resolved, but there are still cases where households are left without electricity, and therefore electric crews remain on the alert.

It is noted that citizens who are faced with a power outage (as a result of which, among other things, damage was caused to electrical appliances) may claim damages. The procedure is carried out through the ΔΕΔΔΗΕ website and the amount of compensation can be up to 600 euros.

Electrical Damage Compensation: Steps to Claim

Claims for damages are submitted through a special application ΔΕΔΔΗΕ (https://apps.deddie.gr/ccrWebapp/newccticket.html).

In the query category, select “αίτημα επικοινωνίας”, and in the query subcategory, “αποζημιώσεις”.

According to the provisions of ΔΕΔΔΗΕ, the application must be submitted within 10 working days from the opening of the platform.

What consumers need to know

A citizen applying for compensation must:

provide ΔΕΔΔΗΕ (for 2 working days), if necessary, damaged devices or equipment for examination, provide (upon request) documents from the electrical workshop fixing the damage and the cost of repairing or replacing the electrical appliance with another one with similar characteristics (invoices and etc.). sign a responsible application for acceptance of the compensation or amount of money provided to the applicant, provide the details of your bank account to deposit the amount of compensation to it.

Compensation decision

ΔΕΔΔΗΕ makes a decision on claims for compensation within fifteen working days from the date of their submission, plus the time of any delay on the part of the consumer to provide them with the requested data.

If the application is approved, ΔΕΔΔΗΕ pays the amount within one month from the date of the official decision.

Consideration of additional compensation for power outages

The possibility of compensation for damage is also being considered, regardless of the damage caused to electrical appliances.

It is not yet specified how compensation will be issued and their exact amount. However, any compensation will apply to all those left without electricity for more than 24 hours.


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