Bonuses for those who save electricity

Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas and Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skilakakis announced incentives for households and public sector organizations that will save energy, especially through the use of air conditioners. The plan “Regulate the thermostat” (“Επιχείρηση θερμοστάτης”) provides bonuses for households that will reduce energy consumption by following the recommendations for using air conditioners at the […]

Electricity subsidies: when will appear on the bills

The surge in electricity prices hit households and businesses in Greece. The invoices received by citizens and businesses are very large and the inability to pay them is obvious. Government subsidies for electricity consumption do not solve the problem, as they are small, nevertheless, citizens have already seen “government assistance” in their electricity bills. This […]

DEI turns off the lights for 24 hours on Tuesday – action against privatization

This reaction to the government’s decision to continue the privatization of the State Electricity Company was forced, according to the DEI management. ΓΕΝΟΠ announced a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, the day when the general meeting of shareholders will be held to approve the decision to raise capital and sell 49% of shares in ΔΕΔΔΗΕ (State […]

The prosecutor intervened in the matter of increasing the authorized capital of DEI

The intervention of the Financial Prosecutor Christos Bardakis was caused by publications regarding an illegal increase in the authorized capital of the state-owned company DEN, which was announced in the previous days. The prosecutor issued an order for a preliminary investigation, whether there is a criminal conspiracy, corruption component or the issuance of insider information […]

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