May 27, 2024

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Subsidy for home appliances

The subsidy program for the replacement of old energy-intensive kitchen appliances and air conditioners will begin to operate during the Easter period.

According to Minister of Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas, every resident of the country can participate in the program.

According to currently available information, subsidy for electrical appliances in 2022 will go through the withdrawal of old and replacing them with new ones. Those wishing to join the program will be required to return used appliances and purchase a new one (for which an appropriate voucher will be issued) at a discount of 30 to 40%.

For example, this means that for the purchase of a refrigerator worth 600 euros, a voucher will be issued in the amount of 180-240 euros.

What household appliances can be replaced?

The main criterion for all will be the elimination (withdrawal for disposal) of the old energy-intensive device. The program will include refrigerator-freezers and air conditioners, as well as ovens, which are proven to be the most energy-intensive appliances.

However, the Ministry prioritizes air conditioners, because, especially in summer and on hot days, the network is dangerously overloaded with the risk of power outages.

It is also believed that older and more energy-intensive devices are given priority over newer ones (eg 15 years old), but no final decisions have been made yet.


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