Mitsotakis apologized, but again appointed the guilty on the side

Kyriakos Mitsotakis asked for a “sincere and personal apology” to all those affected on Attiki Odos during his statement to the Council of Ministers.

At the same time, the prime minister laid the responsibility on the concessionaire company and announced in advance that the responsibility would be recovered on the basis of the current legislation, i.e. should be considered certain that the state will go to court.

He clarified that there were problems on the main arteries of Attica, emphasizing that “things were not going well there and we must study the reasons that led to this situation and adjust our plans.”

The Prime Minister also announced the establishment of Crisis Management Committees “which, with very clear and unambiguous protocols, will bring together all those involved in one area so that there are no misunderstandings, delays in decision-making, and sometimes no denial of responsibility.” He also thanked the parties concerned, that is, “all government officials and the Armed Forces, who made superhuman efforts to free drivers from snow captivity.”

In conclusion, Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledged that there were mistakes and shortcomings that needed to be corrected. “And for all these reasons, we created a new Ministry of Climate Crisis. I will continue to support this choice, further strengthening its structures and capabilities. “And make sure that the work of the ministry becomes more efficient with better cooperation from all other ministries,” he said.

A similar situation has developed with the accident of the Athens Thessaloniki train, as well as the cancellation of trains.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Kostas A. Karamanlis informedthat he turned to TRAINOSE with a request pay passengers who ended up on the Athens-Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki-Athens routes yesterday, 1,000 euros each. As compensation for the discomfort experienced.

However, this time, as in the case of 2000 euros, this is a “leak” of information – nothing has been announced at the official level yet. Although it is reported that TRAINOSE SA payments (the company seems to agree) will be intended for passengers on trains 885 Kalampaka-Athens; I/C 54 (Athens-Thessaloniki); I/C 55 (Thessaloniki-Athens); I/C 56 (Athens-Thessaloniki); I / C 57 (Thessaloniki – Athens).

However, to judge whether such compensation is sufficient, if any, we will give the right to the victims themselves. They experienced far “not the best” hours of their lives.

PS Don’t you think that such a statement is already sounded in the summerafter catastrophic fires. Then Mitsotakis said: “Failures are recognized, actions are indicated.” So what? Has something really been done in the past, or maybe someone has already been brought to justice for irresponsibility? Or started a disaster prevention exercise?

You will tell me, fires and snow are completely different. I agree, but after all, the same department deals with liquidation problems. And despite the new minister and his team, the same civil protection – the same firefighters – will get out of the snow, rake the rubble from the trees. How it should happen and in other cases, natural or man-made disasters.

Then it is not clear why they were not undertrained and underequipped with snow plows, which are available in large numbers for firefighters? Or snow in Greece for the first time in the history of the country? And last year, so it was not the same, maybe a little weaker?

It seems to me, PM, that they no longer need to apologize, but rather repent of incompetence, since so much has happened in less than a year of his reign that in another country it would have caused the resignation of the government. And look for the guilty not so much on the side as among your team, and it would not hurt to look in the mirror …


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