July 19, 2024

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Explosion on Syngrou Avenue: 78-year-old man used gas cylinders?

Where did the gas inside the building at Syngrou 3, which caused the catastrophic explosion, come from?

The authorities no longer doubt that a gas leak was the cause of the explosion, but this particular building was not connected to a natural gas supply pipe, which means that the 78-year-old victim or one of the hypothetical inhabitants of this house had a gas bottle that caused the leak. Earlier, he gave the first statement to the fire department.


78 year old man According to the TV channel Open, told the police that a few days ago he smelled gas in the building, but could not understand what was happening, so he did not attach any importance to it. Continuing his story, the inhabitant of the mezzanine on Syngra 3 said that this morning, when he woke up, he pressed the switch to turn on the light, after which there was a powerful explosion.

“In the morning, as soon as I got up, I pressed the switch to turn on the light, and immediately there was an explosion,” the victim told firefighters.

Immediately after the fire was put out in the building, it was examined by employees of the explosive ordnance disposal unit.

The building where the explosion occurred is practically destroyed, which makes it even more difficult for the security forces who are investigating what exactly happened.

The building where the explosion occurred was under renovation, according to various sources, some of the premises were prepared for short-term rent, the rest for offices. On the ground floor there is a shop with organic products. In the same place, on the mezzanine floor belonging to the store, the 78-year-old victim himself lived.


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