Meeting of experts: it is necessary to decide whether to extend the restrictive measures

The meeting of the expert committee to review and implement measures to combat the pandemic was postponed today due to bad weather.

Cyclone “Elpis”, which covered mainly Attica and Evia, led to the fact that the meeting of the expert committee scheduled for today was postponed to tomorrow, January 27th.

The plenary meeting of the expert commission of the Ministry of Health was supposed to meet today to discuss the extension or suspension of restrictive measures to spread the coronavirus, which expire on Sunday, January 30. The meeting of experts, as officially reported, will take place tomorrow at 13:00.

Last Wednesday, January 19, a committee of experts proposed an extension of the measures (banning music in entertainment venues, seating up to six people at the table, limiting opening hours to 00:00 for catering establishments, mandatory presentation of certificates of vaccinations / past illness to enter indoor areas ). As well as the functioning of various institutions providing services to the population, the banking sector, retail stores.

Mandatory(?) wearing of a high-protection mask in urban public transport and supermarkets will also be considered (possibly extended by 1 week), mainly due to the large number of deaths that were recorded daily in the previous period.


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