For the second time, a doctor, an activist in the anti-vaxxer movement, Faidon Vovolis, fell ill with covid

One of the most famous deniers in our country, for some, the informal leader of the anti-vaccination movement, Dr. Faidon Vovolis, fell ill with coronavirus for the second time. In fact, pneumonia caused by the illness led to him being hospitalized for 9 days. Then he spoke about his “experience”.

In his video, addressed to subscribers and guests of the page, a well-known cardiologist admits that he was ill more severely than other people, since his illness caused pneumonia, and now he emphasizes that coronavirus is not … a simple flu. “We’ve never seen anything like it, it’s definitely something different, bigger,” he says. “Although my body is hardened and does not have any chronic serious diseases, I had a hard time covid.”

“This virus causes even stranger complications,” says doctor in his narrative, sharing personal impressions with the public. Detailed account by Phaidon Vovolis:

“Dear friends, so I returned to you after 10 days … I was sick, I was diagnosed with covid. I tried to “keep it low” and not say exactly what happened until I was “hit” by the news-hungry media. Only a few people knew my diagnosis.

I was admitted to the Sismanogleio hospital for 9 days. COVID was a little more difficult for me than for others. As I said earlier, for most the disease is mild (and even asymptomatic), while for others it is severe, even fatal.

I never said I underestimated COVID-19. I never said anything contrary to reality. I was only emphasizing my disagreement with mandatory/compulsory vaccination.

In general, I fell ill and stayed in the hospital for 9 days, because the covid caused complications – it turned into pneumonia. In fact, this is a post-covid syndrome. My strong organism, without anamnesis, without smoking, coped with any infectious diseases (flu) in a few days. But covid definitely left something in my lungs. Of course, the lungs were affected, there was a problem with this. Was in the hospital for 9 days. It was a bad experience.”

cardiologist who on the basis of the decision of the disciplinary council was convicted (“according to the totality of the doctor’s ideas and actions that he has carried out and promoted since the beginning of the pandemic, referring to unofficial data about the pandemic … and challenging the assumptions of the world medical community”), who led the anti-vaxxer rallies, has now been ill himself and recommends the public “to be careful, because coronavirus can kill because it’s not a simple flu.”

“I always say: be careful. Any virus has the potential to kill. For example COVID-19. I’m not the one who said it was the flu, it’s definitely something more. But this should not violate the basic principles of our freedom. I am against coercion. I have already said that even if he had an 80% mortality rate, the doctor protects each of his patients and his freedom of law. At Sismanoglio Hospital, I was treated very well by my fellow doctors and medical staff, and I am sincerely grateful to them. It was a very important moment for me. Of course, we must always be careful. This is true for every virus, and even more so for this one, which gives such strange complications.”


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