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Subsidy for electrical appliances: up to 500 euros per household

In the first half of the year, the program for subsidizing electrical appliances will begin, according to Kostas Skrekas, Minister of the Environment and Energy, ΥΠΕΝ.

According to information that has become known at the moment, the replacement will also affect stoves and ovens, which, as emphasized, are among the most energy-intensive electrical appliances.

ΥΠΕΝ presents a new program “I save” (“Εξοικονομώ”), but for electrical appliances, the budget of which is 100 million euros.

It will cover refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. The leaders of ΥΠΕΝ put air conditioners in first place, because, especially in the summer months, a heavy load falls on the network. For this reason, the program may involve the replacement of more than one air conditioner.

The second type of home appliances that beneficiaries can remove and replace will be refrigerators and freezers. The rationale of the ΥΠΕΝ working group is that refrigerators are devices that are constantly connected to the network and create a significant load.

Appliances that have not yet received “approval” but are being considered for the withdrawal and replacement program are washing machines and, less likely, electric ovens.


The grant will be an amount, in the range of 30-40%, which will have a ceiling, for example, 500 euros per household, so that more beneficiaries participate and do not run out of the budget too quickly.

With a subsidy scenario of 35% and a limit of 500 euros, the following is assumed:

When buying an air conditioner worth 1,000 euros, the program subsidizes the beneficiary in the amount of 350 euros. For the purchase of a refrigerator for 500 euros, the recipient of the subsidy will receive 175 euros. For the purchase of two air conditioners with a total value of 2,000 euros, the recipient will receive 500 euros.

It is expected that at the time of the submission of the home appliances removal plan, it will be clarified whether priority will be given according to the age of the devices that the owner intends to recycle.


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