June 24, 2024

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1.9 million Greek taxpayers at risk of confiscation

The debt of individuals to the state exceeded the limit of 110 billion euros, and the overdue debt of taxpayers in November reached 750 million euros.

Data from the Independent State Revenue Office shows that in November, old and new arrears reached 110.171 billion euros, of which 25 billion were declared “uncollectible” (irrecoverable). Of course, this does not mean that it will be easy to collect the remaining 85 billion of debt.

In November, unpaid taxes rose to 750 million euros, bringing new debt from the beginning of 2021 to 5.135 billion euros from 4.385 billion euros in October. 4,138,985 taxpayers were in arrears with the tax authorities, which is significantly less than in October, when nearly 4.3 million taxpayers had open accounts.

According to reports, AADE’s collection mechanisms have the ability to take action against 1.9 million taxpayers, while against 1.3 million debtors they have already begun to take action.


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