Lake Plastira: lovers of walks fell through the ice

Games on the icy surface of the lake on the morning of Sunday, January 16, ended badly for nature lovers who got out for a walk around Lake Plastira.

According to KarditsaLive.Net, having seen the “natural skating rink”, without thinking about the consequences, the risky guys decided to walk on the ice of a frozen lake, when suddenly it broke under their feet, and people found themselves in icy water.

Fortunately, there was no life threat for the victims, since there is no great depth at the scene. They were only in danger of hypothermia.

As the publication points out, the incident can be perceived as a clear warning to citizens that in such cases great caution is required (crossing the reservoir on ice) and preventing such attempts to “merge with nature.”

The magic of Lake Plastira, a magnificent piece of Greek nature.


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