EOC denies receiving millions during quarantine

The Greek Orthodox Church assured that she did not receive any millions for the closure of churches, and no slander will change her support for national efforts to combat the pandemic.

The publication “Vima Orthodoxy” covers the reaction of the Holy Synod of the EOC to scandalous statements Cleric of the Cretan Orthodox Church Emmanuel Sarris. They said that accusations of closing temples for a million dollar reward are slander:

“Holy Synod, on the occasion of another slanderous publication against the Church, which allegedly reveals the testimony of a priest from another Greek church jurisdiction that during the first quarantine in March 2020, the holy metropolitans agreed to the “closure” of churches for two months due to financial dependence from the state, declares that no amount of slander will change her support for the national efforts to fight the pandemic.”

The Synod assured that it would take “all necessary actions to protect its authority and the authority of the venerable hierarchs”, while noting that some clergy publicly reviled the Holy Synod and hierarchs “for their tough stance in favor of wearing masks, vaccination and sanitary measures in general” . He urged believers “not to be carried away by all sorts of insults, especially from notorious scoundrels.” In a statement from the Holy Synod, according to life expectancy, it is noted:

“The official position of the Church of Greece is expressed by its collective body, namely the Holy Synod of its metropolitans, which makes decisions synodally, that is, democratically, on the basis of the majority principle, and not the individual opinion of any clergyman, which endangers human lives and leads to the falsification of the gospel message. , the creation of factions and the split of church unity.


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