Closing temples in quarantine cost millions? So says the Cretan priest

Cleric of the Cretan Orthodox Church Emmanuel Sarris made a scandalous statement. He claims that the Greek metropolises betrayed the believers and were quarantined, receiving a million euros for this.

This is reported by the publication “Vima Orthodoxy”. According to the priest, during the first quarantine, Greek churches closed, as they received 1,000,000 euros for this. He says:

“The Church, if it has the courage, had to make a decision. Do not allow any measures inside the temples. And not to agree, to give carte blanche to the government for anything – this speaks of subordination. They were paid, but people did not have Easter. There must always be a price for betrayal.”

The Cretan Orthodox Church is semi-autonomous, within the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Its jurisdictional territory is the island of Crete, Greece. By agreement with the Greek authorities, the resolutions of the Greek Orthodox Church, which relate to parish churches and their rectors, also apply to the Church of Crete, writes life expectancy.


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